Dental Technology

Dental technology is an important part of our state-of-the-art dental care. With our advanced equipment, we are able to help patients feel more comfortable, and provide efficient and effective care.


CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Dental crowns can fortify your teeth for years. Porcelain dental crowns have reflective properties that can perfectly imitate natural teeth. Learn More »


Isolite System

Isolite Systems are useful in many ways. Isolite Systems can do such things as:

  • Retract the tongue and cheek
  • Protect the airway
  • Keep mouth gently held open
  • Provide in-mouth illumination and suctioning

Computer-Guided Implant Surgery

It may have been recommended that you consider dental implants. Implants are lasting and durable. We provide computer-guided implant surgery for improved accuracy, and comfort, and faster healing time. Learn More »


VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

The VELscope uses Fluorescence Visualization (FV) in an exciting new way.  Essentially, bright blue light is shone into the mouth to expose changes and lesions that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.  One of the biggest difficulties in diagnosing oral cancer is that its symptoms look similar to symptoms of less serious problems.  The VELscope System affords the dentist important insight as to what is happening beneath the surface.


Cone Beam 3D Imaging

Cone Beam 3D imaging is effective for diagnosing and evaluating dental conditions, as well as planning treatments. The current emerging standard of care in dentistry and dental implantology is the use of three dimensional x-ray.

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